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Masjidway gives you the means to communicate with the Ummah collect donations and gain visibility.

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Save your energy and your budget. Masjidway make your life easier!

You no longer need technical skills or big budget to have a website and be visible on the web. Masjidway make your life easier by taking care of everything, use all the provided services and focus on the most important thing : Communication

Masjidway offers a wide range of services : practical informations, prayers times, content management, pictures and videos publishing, fundraising module, events ... Everything you need to communication on the web et be visible.

Raise Money for your projects. Provide all informations about your masjid, its location, services, capacities and prayer times ... Mange your page and communicate with the community easily : share articles, pictures, videos, audios in 5 seconds. Communicate with the community, interact with them and increase your visibility : answer theirs questions, invite them to your events ...

Save your time and manage your communication in one place

Masjidway helps you to reach the widest audience et increase significatly your visibility. When you publish a news in Masjidway you can choose to share it automatically to other social networks (facebook, twitter ...), to your website and to your mobile application too.

Automatic sharing on your account and facebook pages For each post you can send automatically a tweet from your twitter account. With RSS feeds, update your website automatically by connecting it to Masjidway. Stay in touch with mobile Muslims via Masjidway application and your own application.

Raise Mone and Fund your projects!

Installing our fundraising module on your page is a few clicks away. This module helps you raise money to fund your project.
The fundraising module is available on request for masjids and associations which have an active Paypal account.

Raise Mone and Fund your projects!

Expand your audience, create your mobile application

The growing prominence of smart-phones changes the way people connect to and explore the World Wide Web.
Masjidway helps you to create your own mobile application. An application with your logo and design for a few bucks. Which is the best way to reach the widest audience.